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Smart Bluetooth Phone watch  Model S28

In colours Blue, Red, White, Black






Works for a variety of occasions

Home use, travel, outdoor sports, music life, car Bluetooth communication etc..

Sensitive HD touch screen, Microphone, ON/OFF key Home key

USB port, Speaker, soft silicon band

HD Capacitive Screen, Slightly touch to start your smart life. Faster and more fluent

Synchronizes phone book. After connecting Smartphone via Bluetooth S28 can synchronize phone book of smart phone so contacts can be consulted on the watch instead of the Smartphone and you can keep the smart phone in the pocket.

Synchronizes phone call. After connecting Smartphone via Bluetooth, S28 can make phone call directly

Synchronizes incoming calls. When incoming call will ring or vibrate and  dhow incoming phone number. You can answer the call from S28 instead of Smartphone and its unnecessary to take out your Smartphone which ensures not missed calls

Synchronizes messages: After installing app on your smart phone, S28 will notify incoming message which can be viewed on the watch. and also remind email, Skype/Whatsupp message etc, (Don't work for IOS)

Synchronizes music: Connect to your Smartphone and easily synchronize the music in the Smartphone

Remote Camera Video recording: After Smartphone connects to smart watch via Bluetooth the smart watch can control Smartphone to take photos, and record videos. (photos and videos are saved in the Smartphone)

Smart Antilost:  After activating Anti-lost function, smart watch will ring or vibrate to alert if the Smartphone leaves smart watch 10-20 meters away

Looking phone: were you once upset because you could not find your phone? Now you don't need to worry when you have the  smart watch which makes Smartphone ring after you activate Looking phone function so that you can find the phone easily

PEDOMETER. The watch can record walk steps whenever and wherever, view current walk distance, fat and calorie consumptions

Sleep Monitor: Wearing it when you sleep will help you monitor how long you sleep which reminds you of improving your work and sleep schedules. A good sleep makes you energetic and vigorous the whole day

Sedentary reminder::  take a rest to avoid fatigue. 70% people are in sub-health status in the world caused from sedentariness in office. Our smart watch has sedentary reminder function to keep you healthy


















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