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Product Name:  Smart Watch Phone Model U8   Price 87.00  
Description Picture
1.Music: U watch music can be played and operated on  the watch and the music on the phone can be also operated by U watch.The music can be choosed to play both on watch or on the phone.
Remote control: U watch can take photoes by remote control the phone, take family photoes and autodyne.
Navigation: Navigation sound can be made by U watch after connected and matched with mobile phone.
Dial and answer the phone:When U watch is connected with mobile phone, you can dial and answer the phone on the U watch.
5.Music player:
When U watch is connected with mobile phone, music control function like "on now"  "previous music" and "next one".
6.Phone book:
When U watch is connected with mobile phone,you can scan the information that is stored in the phone from U watch.
Vibration:U watch Vibrator can be set.
Burglar alarm:When U watch is connected with mobile phone,it gives an alarm when the distance is more than 15m.
Alarm clock:U watch can set 5 alarm clocks.
Stopwatch:U watch has stopwatch function.
Altimeter:U watch has altitude meter device, it is the good
assistant of outdoor
activities, like climbing.
Passometer:U watch has the function of passometer, be ready to help you to do
physical exercise at any time.
Instant communication: QQ, wechat, message.

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